Civil ceremony

It can be arranged in many beautiful town halls, ancient and historic palazzos, with frescoes, antique furnitures and paintings. Or, when possible, in their Italian-style gardens or terraces. The ceremony is held in Italian and translated with the help of an interpreter. It usually lasts up to 30 minutes.

Documents and all paperwork are dealt by us and your relevant consulate. At the end of the ceremony the couple will be given an international marriage certificate which is valid worldwide.

Civil ceremonies on the beach can be organized where allowed according to Italian laws.


Religious ceremony

Wedinitaly is able to arrange religious weddings. In such cases it is advisable to start all the procedure 6-9 months prior to the wedding.


Symbolic ceremony

It is usually arranged for those couples who cannot or don’t want to celebrate a legal wedding. It can take place anywhere and has no restrictions. No documentation is required for a symbolic wedding as it has no legal effect.