Why do I need a WP for my wedding abroad?

Needless to say that being abroad you need a help. That may well be a friend, a relative or WP. It is important to have someone who speaks the language, and who knows how to juggle with legal paperwork, vendors and face any unexpected event.


Do I need to hire a WP for the whole wedding?

Not necessarily. You can choose just one of the services offered or ask us for any help you may need (i.e. professional presence on the wedding day, baby sitting or an entertainer for the kids, etc.).


Does an Italian ceremony have a legal value?

Yes indeed, no matter whether it is a religious or civil wedding. In any case it will always be legally valid worldwide.


How early do I need to start working on my wedding?

It depends on the kind of wedding: for an easy elopement a couple of months is enough (including all paperwork). Moreover, please consider that many town halls ask you to be resident in town at least three-four working days prior to the wedding day in order to process your documents.


I’m newly divorced, can I get married?

No catholic wedding for divorced couples. For civil ceremonies, according to Italian law, the bride is required to have been divorced for at least 300 days before the new wedding date.


Why should I choose a wedding abroad?

If you do not want to be overwhelmed by your family, if you want to save money (combining wedding and honey moon) and if you appreciate something original, then a foreign country is the perfect choice. And Italy is the perfect setting.


I would like to visit the venue before the wedding, is this possible?

Absolutely, we usually recommend a visit whenever possible. Please mind that there is usually a charge for the time and expenses that our coordinator incurs for your meeting.


Why choose Wedinitaly?

Because Berlusconi has left us in troubled waters!









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